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Amazon Prime Day + Perfect Password Manager!!


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So it's Amazon Prime Day today, beginning at 3PM the deals... eh... begin!

Use either link:

Lots of items are already on sale like Kindles. Echos, and other Amazon devices.

Officially it'll be 36 hours of deals! Not counting early deals or late deals.

Not necessarily a Prime day sale is this amazing, fool proof, state of the art Password Manager I came across. It's totally analog and simply can't be perfectly reproduced digitally.

Check it out: Amazon.com BookFactory Password Journal Password Organizer Password Book Password Keeper, 120 Pages, 3 12, Durable Thick Translucent Cover, Wire-O Binding (JOU-120-MCW-A-(Password)) Record Books Office Products

The only thing is if someone steals it they have all your passwords so be sure you trick everyone by adding an extra exclamation point (!) to the end of every password that you don't really type in so no one can figure out your real passwords. Criminals are stupid and likely quick to give up.
Didn't get the kitchen appliances but doubt I could on Amazon due to delivery issues up here.

HD won't so going to have to use Lowes.

I wanna buy shit. Lol


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You can get a free $5 and this is working...

1) Go here and buy a $25 Amazon gift card. Set it up to your own email address.

2) On the check-out / cart page enter the promo code: GCPRIME18

3) You will see you are eligible for a $5 credit, it will be applied to your Amazon account automatically after purchase ( can take a couple of days.)

4) You get the full $25 giftcard in your email after purchase, simply add it to your Amazon account.

You instantly have a $25 credit and shortly you will have a $30 credit and $5 is free money. :bling: