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Ancient Aliens


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The first show was OK... when they made a series out of it, it is a bit much, Easily my least favorite show on History second only to Hairy Bikers.

History channel has a serious problem with brand identity. South Park did a recent spoof on them and they were SPOT ON. I truly hate this show- it makes people who believe in aliens look crazy...

Last night I caught part of the show where based on total and complete speculation they were giving serious consideration "to the theory" that some sort on ancient alien earth defense weapon is buried under Siberia and was responsible to the Tunguska Event, shooting a comet out of the sky to protect earth. "Ancient alien theorists believe..." WTF? It's one thing to think maybe aliens visit ancient Egypt or the Mayans at some point and that got them into looking at space- but to say everyone thinks there are secret weapons buried in Siberia and Australia is nuts.

Words cannot describe how much I want History channel to drop this show and destroy the original tapes!


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His hair gets crazier as shows go on.

I'm reading one of these books now. It's pretty good.
the picture is blocked but i'm gonna make a guess it's


i think the acients had an imagination and were just telling everyone a story to pass the time.
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