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ATTN: Proud southerners


Feeding a nation of slobs
How bout those of us northerners that agree the south was right, are extremely educated, successful, and are not at all inbred? What is your explanation for that?

I aspire to move down there where the people are real, the culture is real, and not made of crap like the midwest hole that you live in where everyone is a granola eating tree hugging self righteous moron as you appear to be.

12-13 years later, you are still in the north loser, what gives? You have no vision for the future, at least how to make one happen anyway :rolleyes:


MaMway Platinum Member
Staff member
Lots of long lost names in there. I still have a pic of jyd's (I'm assuming ex-) wife on my web server he asked me to host and post.