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basic font codes BB Codes


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BB Code is a simplified way of enriching text and posts by placing certain commands inside square brackets- codes always begin with [x] and end with [/x] where 'x' is the name of the BB code. Some advanced codes can take an "option" and that would look like [x="option"] and end with the usual [/x].

Common tags are things like
[b]Bold Text[/b] = Bold Text
[COLOR="Red"]Red Text[/COLOR] = Red Text
[U]Underline[/U] = Underline
[UU]Double Underline[/UU] = [UU]Double Underline[/UU]
[NOBB]Strikeout Text[/NOBB] = Strikeout Text

For a full list of available BB codes and examples, click here or search the FAQ for 'bbcode'.

JUOT.net has some custom BB codes that are unique to it and not found on (m)any other forums. These codes are demonstrated in this forum.