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Forum Styles


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On the bottom left of every page is a "Quick Style" selection box...

Currently there are 2 styles

1) Default Style
2) Basic Style

Basic style is the same as default with animated backgrounds and texture graphics removed for people with slower systems, please use this style if you notice the pages consistently loading slow or high CPU usage on your machine while visiting the site.

In the works is a low bandwidth theme that would iminate most images and would hopefully be useful on slow connections and/or mobile devices.

3) Mobile-PDA Style
This style is optomized for small screens and very low graphic use such as on a mobile phone or other PDA- inline images are not displayed but instead shown as links to the images. Smilies still display/work.
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After viewing your post, I found the button in user cp edit options that allows you to change it to basic permanently. Good thing, my cursor was acting sluggish. It's fine now. Thanks for all the extras!


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The quick style changer on each page should also be permanaent... though I'm not sure if the style is saved to your computer via a cookie or to your account in general.