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Get your Valentine's Day orders in Now...


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Profile says female, but makes reference to being a bad husband. Stupid foreigners.
Yeah, I noticed that too... but with gay marriage, who knows. Does one lesbian refer to themselves as the "husband?" IP address is American for what it is worth (not much.) 99% sure it is a spammer but a human one if it is, not a bot.

Edit- ran email though spam checker, 100% sure. Banned but didn't delete posts.


pierced dingaling
Quick PSA for anyone who happens to be reading this: I just found this neat guide on using butt plugs from Blissful Cherry earlier this year and after browsing their site some more and eventually purchasing a few sex toys from them, I've found them to be quite a life-saver for my love life. Not only in literally spicing things up in the bedroom, but their products have simply been the perfect gifts for my wife.

In fact, I've been relying on Blissful Cherry for the last few months - missed Valentine's this year, then forgot about her birthday the following month, then almost forgot about the Anniversary this month :p

(Also, you might think I'm a bad husband, but I pay ALL the bills and have been really bogged down and distracted by work recently, so that's my reasoning at least)
Blissful Cherry was truly eyeopening