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glow BB Code


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[NOBB][glow="color"] [/glow][/NOBB]

The glow tag uses the option, you must include the name of a color (or hex code) to use this.

Example 1.
[NOBB][glow="green"]Green glowing text.[/glow][/NOBB] =
[glow="green"]Green glowing text.[/glow]

Example 2.
[NOBB][glow="#0000FF"]Blue glowing bold red text. :eek:[/glow][/NOBB] =
[glow="#0000ff"]Blue glowing bold red text. :eek:[/glow]

The basic colors are available via words; red, green, blue, yellow, etc...
If you can't find the color you want in English you can use the hex color code preceded by the # sign, ex. #FFFFFF is white.
Click here for common hex color codes.


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This works in all major browsers!

Add a new BBCode

Title: Glow
BB Code Tag Name: glow
<!--[if IE]>
<div style="filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Glow(color={option}, strength=1);width:100%">{param}</div>
<![if !ie]>
<span style="text-shadow: {option} 0px 0px 5px;">{param}</span>
Example: [glow="red"]test glow[/glow]
Description: This code makes text "Glow" (Actually a shadow attribute)
Use Option: Yes
Button Image: (optional) attached.
Remove Tag If Empty: Yes
All Disable Options: No

You may get a warning that says:
The following BB Code replacement may not be properly formed. All HTML attributes should be enclosed within double quotes.
You can safely hit "Continue" this appears to be a bug in the VB4 series.

You can use standard color names in the option such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc...
You can also use hex color codes preceded by the # sign for exact colors, such as #0000FF
Click here for common hex color codes.