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Halloween game

For the next installment from our beloved MADnet Games (aka Skeptic's spare time indie game something or another)...

free - Witches Joust Free - Apps on Google Play
$0.99 no ads (update to support Android TV in process if not already there)- Witches Joust - Apps on Google Play

free - ‎Witches Joust Z
$0.99 no ads - ‎Witches Joust

For all you Amazon app store only kindle users, blame Amazon for the no free option:
$0.99 no ads (update to include Fire TV processing if not already there) - Amazon.com: Witches Joust: Appstore for Android
Nope, witches is intentional. I had considered going with Witch's, as in "their" joust, as well as some other similar names. Ultimately I decided to go with witches, as in "they" joust. Fish swim, birds fly, horses trot, witches joust.....

Meh, maybe it's not a good name and it might cause people to think the title is wrong like you did, but it's not a type-o. Maybe I should have stuck with the first name, Witchy Joust, or just Witch Joust or Witch Jousting? I dunno, but it is what it is.
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You think you could update the Maze game to use the arrow keys if a keyboard is present, such as on a Chromebook? No chance using the mouse.
I probably could. You just want simple arrow key controls? Anything else?

To be honest, the code is a bit of a mess with separate versions for paid/free/android tv. If I get back to it I'll probably start with the Android TV version, clean up some stuff, unify the code base, and add in keyboard controls.


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if you want to get fancy you could put both arrow key controls and WSAD controls for left handed people.
Don't know what that was about, but at least it reminded me I was going to add keyboard support to the maze game... Been so busy with the new job and remodeling I totally forgot. Not sure when I'll get to it, but I'll try.