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Help me decide - 12' or 16' for my move???


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I'm trying to figure out if a 12' will be big enough to make one trip with all of my stuff. I've driven moving trucks in the past so not too worried, but I'd prefer the smaller option if possible just to make maneuvering/parking easier.
I don't have a lot of stuff but I can't figure out by the capacity if I should be fine with a 12' or not. We just bought a sectional sofa which is the item making me unsure.
Summary of items:
-Sectional Sofa Left arm facing sofa sectional dimensions: 77"W x 37"D x 38"H Right arm facing chaise sectional dimensions: 86"W x 37"D x 38"H
-Recliner Chair 37"W x 35"D x 40"H
-Queen bed frame & mattress -double dresser -medium-sized tv/shelf unit
Then approx 10-15 medium boxes, large tv, and other random/misc. items which could fit in trips made with my SUV. So it's really all of the above mentioned items that I'm worried about since they won't fit in my car.


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Welcum to the forum.

Hire a local moving company to move the big stuff. Pay by the hour and you don't have to break your back. That's what I did when I moved into our new house, cost about $400 bucks to move the large items I couldn't/didn't want to move on our trailer.

Have everything disconnected/disassembled so all they have to do is show up, put it in the truck, drive to your new place, pull it out of the truck and place it where you want. quick and easy.


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Agree with Mark, welcome and pay a pro for a move... But if you insist on moving yourself, get the bigger truck. The risk of running out of room is just too great if you aren't certain it would fit and it seems you aren't.


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You could have stopped at sectional sofa,
Get the bigger truck