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How to get to first unread post in a thread - Explained


Staff member
This has come up in PMs several times, want to put it out there in case anyone else has questions and see if there is a big desire to change it.

One of the most useful feature of vBulletin is it remembers the last thread you read (in theory) it actually remembers that last thread you possibly read, that was displayed on the screen when last you checked a thread.

The next time you go back to the thread you probably want to start reading from that point rather than scroll through dozens of replies, or in some cases, pages.

If connecting with the Responsive style, or indeed any style besides PDA/Mobile the way to just directly to the first unread post is to click the down arrow icon to the left of the thread title- will look like this: (
) though color will vary depending on style.

If you forget to click the arrow and click the main title by accident, don't worry, once in the thread you can click the link below the Post Reply button:

Which also brings you to the last unread post.

On the PDA/Mobile style since there was no real room for the icon the thread title itself brings you to the last unread post. In recent years some other forum software like Xenforo adopted clicking on the thread title to bring you to the first unread post automatically so that is why you may see different behaviors on different forums, but the way it is here is how it has traditionally been.

If there is demand I can probably make a user by user option in settings to change the behavior on the JUOT 2016 (Responsive) style from going to the first post or going to first unread post on thread title click. I understand it may be becoming the norm elsewhere online.

The only 2 reasons for not making it the default behavior for everyone (other than people already used to it) is that it is easy to miss polls since the first post is always under the poll, and the change may cause SEO issues, but those would be minor.