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JUOT IMPORTANT Rules & Policies & Info- Read This Before Posting.

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Official Backup Site - If JUOT.net or the forums are ever down the official backup site is the forum at Qapla.com - It Means Success - the other site I own. It is not a free for all off-topic but it will make do in an emergency.

Here's the deal - 6/11/08

You all know what this forum is supposed to be... It's supposed to be like JU-OT was- WORK FRIENDLY... aside from some 'pushing the line' graphics here and there it was mostly a place you could visit from your desk or your living room and not have people wonder about your mental state or sexuality... This is supposed to be that type of forum. I'm all for free speech, but this isn't a public street and the Constitution doesn't apply.

Quoting Messages - 1/5/09

Quoting a message with personal info, porn, or other content that isn't allowed is in and of itself its own ban-able offense. Depending on the content quoted you will receive a punishment up to and including the ban the original poster received. If you come across a post that breaks a rule, REPORT IT, do not quote it. Click on the
icon to report a post to the moderation team.

Trolling (harassing) - 2/3/09

If you choose to waste your time annoying another user that is usually allowed as said user can and should just ignore you. That said you cannot 'cross the line' to making threats, nor call for or even hint at that the harassment will be organized, will be made by phone, mail, or in person, or threaten or hint that personal info may be used against them. This includes statements made about the user, their family, pets, friends, co-workers, etc...

Personal Info - Updated 5/10/10

Do not post phone numbers or home or work addresses for members who don't want to have such information made public. This includes family, friends, co-workers, pets, etc...
Do not post links to said information, this is the same as posting it. Do not post threads saying you have such information and/or solicit people to PM you for it, this will also be looked at as actually posting the info.

It doesn't matter how public the info is, if you scanned a page of your local phone book that happened to have the home number of a JUOT user on it, that would also be against the rules. NO personal info that hasn't been pre-approved by the member, period. There will be no more leniency on this issue.

In addition the burden of proof here is on the poster- make damn sure any personal info being posted is not a member here BEFORE posting it.

Facebook, myspace, linkedin etc... sites are off limits unless the user posts the link themselves. Any site that has personal info is not allowed to be posted.

Photobucket/youtube accounts that generally don't have personal info aside from a first name maybe are usually OK- but it's a good idea to PM an Admin or Mod before hand to be sure.

Do not harass mods at home or work by phone or email, no matter how you acquired their personal information.

Cursing - 6/12/08

No cursing in thread titles, keep curses in posts to a minimum... Repetitive and/or overused cursing will be edited or deleted. The site censorship thingy catches a few words, that does not mean that everything else is allowable. Think before you post.

Racism - 6/12/08

Do not use racial slurs of any form in thread titles, that includes creative spelling of racial slurs. Like with curses keep slurs to a minimum in posts, you probably can make your point better without using them at all. Excessive or gratuitous use of slurs and/or curses may find your post edited or deleted.

AE's (Multiple Accounts) - 6/17/08

Use of AE's (Alternate Egos) is now against the rules. As of now all known AE's will begin to be banned... The original user-name will be the only ones left un-banned. Starting tomorrow anyone who creates an AE will have it banned forever and their main username banned temporarily. If they do it again all of their accounts get the 'perm' ban.

Crime & Punishment - UPDATED 2/3/09

Don't break the rules... We are usually pretty lenient on things and will give out warnings when warranted over bannings - but some things (posting personal info, porn, threats, etc...) get no warnings and will be dealt with... If you are a known trouble maker (and you know who you are) you will get even longer bans.

Use of an AE while banned will see your original ban extended and the AE perm banned. DO NOT USE AN AE, especially when banned, you can PM me at another forum or better yet email me if you feel the need to explain why you did something.

Linking to NWS (Not Work Safe) Content - 6/16/08

You can link to NWS content from Off Topic provided the following:
You clearly label the link as NWS in your thread AND there's some value to actually having the link, AND it's not something like goat-see, Tubgirl, Meatspin, or the like.

On Topic - 6/16/08

The "On Topic" forums are not Off Topic. Posts that don't belong there may be deleted without notice. Entire threads may be moved to one of the appropriate Off Topic forums. If you are repeatedly causing issues in the "On Topic" forums you will be warned by PM, if you continue you will be banned.

Personal Pics of JUOT Members - 6/17/08

If you have nude, partially nude, pornographic type pictures of any JUOT members, you may not post them in any JUOT forum at all without the user in question's permission being posted in a public forum before hand.

Special Forums - 6/27/08

The VIP Lounge is a private forum for long time users of JUOT... In general these users have posted significantly in OT, have posted pictures, introduced themselves, and possibly even met other OT posters. Topics in the VIP Lounge are not indexed by search engines and are otherwise private. From time to time threads may be moved between OT and VIP as needed. If you have been a regular user post or PM an admin requesting access.

Social Groups - 9/3/08

Social groups can be viewed or joined by going to the User CP -> Networking menu and choosing "Social Groups" - You can read, join, or create various social groups - the same general off-topic rules apply to all names and posts made under social groups.

Privacy Policy and TOS - Updated 10/30/2010

You should read both our privacy policy and terms of service. Your continued use of this website means you consent to these policies.

Special Posts - 10/30/2010

"Special Posts" is a unique feature of JUOT. On the forum "navbar" to the left of the "Welcome" block you will see a section titled "Special Posts." If any special forums have unread posts the icon for that forum will be displayed in this area, clicking on the icon will bring you directly to this forum. Only special forums which you have access to will be shown here. The intent is to keep you posted of new threads made outside the popular OT forum which otherwise may go unnoticed for hours or days. You may disable this feature if you choose from your User CP -> Edit Options. The Testing Grounds forum is not considered "Special Posts" so please check this forum on your own if you are interested.

Signatures - Updated 6/10/2010

Signatures must be G rated - no sexual/skimpy clothing even if it otherwise would pass OT rules. They also shouldn't be large or otherwise disruptive to the forum experience.
You may use more risqué signatures that would otherwise be allowed in off-topic provided you hide them by default in the [hidesig] [/hidesig] tags and issue a short warning of the content. If you fail to do this your signature will be hidden by default regardless of content.

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Deleting Posts/Threads and Accounts - 7/27/08

You usually have the ability to delete your own posts, however as of today in all forums besides VIP & TCR registered users may not delete entire threads. If you started a thread and no longer wish to be a part of it you must delete each post you made in it separately, although you can not delete the first post in the thread. You can edit the first post if you wish to simply "." or something but it will always remain. Mods will not delete posts/threads that are not against JUOT rules so please don't ask. If there are rule violations we may edit/delete the thread or simply the offending posts at our option.
Updated - Premium (paid) members of any level can delete threads however Mods/Admins may undelete at their option if something of value was lost.

Also we will not delete user accounts... if we deleted your account someone could just sign up with your name, pretend to be you, etc... plus it can ruin the way past threads you've posted in look. If you request your account be deleted it will actually simply be permanently banned.

The Gameroom and the Arcade - Updated 5/6/10

All the rules above apply to the forums as well as Social Groups, the Gameroom and the Arcade - All accessible from the main navigation bar near the top of each screen in the forum. This includes comments you can leave when you get a high-score in a game or the real-time chat in the gameroom, or anywhere else you can leave messages anywhere on JUOT.net.

Both the Gameroom and Arcade (and all games) are free add-ons programmed by volunteers - so expect there will be bugs and occasional errors/crashes. If you are getting errors you can post about them in the help & tech support forum but there is likely little that can be done.

The Gameroom keeps track of "GameroomCash" - for details on how to earn "Gameroom Cash" visit [thread="6145"]this thread.[/thread]

Proxy Servers - 2/3/09

It is recommended you do NOT use proxy servers when connecting to JUOT. We may ban certain proxies or usernames thought to be AE's or who use known troublesome IP addresses. Don't use a proxy, or at least don't use a public proxy, and you should be fine.

Reporting Posts - 4/21/09
To use the "Report Post" feature click on the
graphic on the bottom left of a post, under the username. This will alert the mods and me to the post and we will look at it as soon as possible and take appropriate action. You should report things like Spam, nudity, things that are clearly against the rules as listed here. If you're not sure if it's against the rules then DON'T use this feature or simply PM one of the mods or myself and give us an FYI that the post exists. Abusing the 'Report Post' button will result in warnings or bannings against you.

General Decency Rules Apply - 2/3/09

Although this isn't a new rule it is being written out and expanded upon for the first time. The rules above are by no means complete or exhaustive of everything that IS and ISN'T allowed... that would be impossible to write... General rules of decency apply to all of JUOT- if you have to ask is something 'within the rules' it probably isn't or even if it is technically allowed you still shouldn't be posting/doing it. Feel free to ask before hand if something is acceptable before posting via PM to me. Just because something isn't explicitly written here don't think you're in the clear for doing it- I'll ban you anyway if I feel it's warranted. If you feel you can't post in a forum with such a rule then you should log out and never visit this site again.

All Topic vs. Off Topic - 6/28/2010 - Updated 8/12/2010

For various reasons including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and easy reference threads are routinely moved from Off-Topic to one of the various "On Topic" forums if appropriate. Threads in off-topic are not currently indexed by search engines but on-topic forums are and so they can be a source of new members who may be searching for various topics in Google or another search-engine. This has meant threads that leave off-topic often get few if any additional views after being moved. To fix this we have implemented an "All Topic" system that is turned on by default. Posts in the on-topic forums, OT Light, and the Help & Support forum will all be copied to Off-Topic. You can view and reply to these posts like you would any OT thread. If you disable this system you will not see threads that have been moved in off-topic at all. It would be your responsibility to regularly visit every other forum if you want to keep up to date on all JUOT posts. In either case you will probably want to occasionally visit the Learned Garden, the Newsbot forum, and any other "off topic" forums you belong to as these threads are NOT part of the "All Topic" system.
To change your "All Topic" setting go to your User CP -> Edit Options and browse down to the bottom of "Thread Display Options" and choose Yes or No to Enable or Disable the system.
With the system enable it is recommended you use the quick "Jump to Off Topic" link in the "Forum Jump" menu to be sure to return to off-topic after reading or replying to a post.

NEW- If you want a particular thread to stay in Off Topic and not be moved then choose the "ot" post icon (
) when creating a new post (you can edit the first post -> "advanced" and pick the icon if you forget). Gun Threads in Guns N' Ammo are not indexed by search engines anyway so 'gun' threads will be moved regardless of this icon. Please don't use this icon if there is no good reason to do so.

Anti-Spam Policies - Added 7/28/2010

As you know on the internet spammers are lower then pedophiles. At least pedophiles love someone... Spammers do not. Therefore we have taken several steps to stop spammers from ruining our forum. First there is a minimum post count below which you will not be able to post URL's (links) to other sites. We're sorry for this limitation but it is necessary. Second, even after you are allowed to post links any posts made with them will be put in the moderation queue- that is they will need to be approved by a moderator or admin before they will show up in the forum or thread. For this reason I strongly suggest that while your post count is less than 5 you do not try to post a link. If you must post a link put it in-between [noparse] and [/noparse] tags so the link isn't 'live.' It may still be moderated though so be patient and it will get posted shortly. Once you reach 10 or more posts you will not have to deal with this limitation.

Copying and Pasting - Added 9/20/2010

Due to US Copyright Law and numerous cases of forums and bloggers being sued for copyright infringement it is forbidden to "Copy and Paste" in whole or part articles from news organizations including sites like CNN, Google News, and your local papers. You should provide a LINK to the article and a summary in your own words of what it's about.

JUOT Short History

JUOT.net is an independent website founded by regular users of JeepsUnlimited.com. In June 2008 the administration of JeepsUnlimited.com felt it would be beneficial to become a "Jeeps Only" tech site and while the "Off Topic" section was popular it did not do much to promote the 4wd/Jeep lifestyle.

After a short period of 'confusion' JUOT.net was born.

So feel free to post any off topic threads you want here within reason. A quick review the rules (which you presumably have read) and a visit to the forum index will give you an idea of what we are all about.

The thicker skin you have, the better- don't take what goes on here too personally... if you make it past the first couple weeks it gets a lot easier from there. :pirate:
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