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JUOT.net Custom BB codes and the BB Code Depot! (CLOSED - READ)

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Welcome to the JUOT BB Code Depot Forum!

If you came here expecting a long thread of custom BB Codes I'm happy to announce the thread had gotten so big it was finally time to make it into it's own subforum!

All the BB Codes are still here, each code has it's own thread, though a few related codes share some threads. Just browse the forum to find the code you are interested in. If you had a direct link to a specific post those should still work.

The new structure will allow me to take comments and questions on specific BB Codes in their own threads. If you have a request for a new BB Code make it here and if it's possible I'll do my best to make it. Remember BB Code's can't use PHP or conditionals so there are limits. In general if a site offers <embed> code it can generally be made into a BB Code.

Over time I will place install instructions in the BB Code's I've made or are otherwise allowed to distribute. If a thread doesn't have install instructions yet I suggest you find it on www.vbulletin.org and download it from there.

  Fair Warning - JUOT is a bit of a 'rowdy' forum... if you post here other members may try to 'troll' you... this is par for the course on JUOT. Please ignore these people the best you can and I will help you the best I can.

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