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JUOT - Title Logo Contest


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I will be holding a ongoing contest for the best JUOT logo (the top right corner of the screen)

The image should be GIF or JPG format, a height between 80 and 90 pixels and a width between 200 and 300 pixels.

It may be animated but overall graphic file size should be as little as possible.

Entries and questions can be posted in this thread. If I like one I will make it the logo for some or all time.

It should match well with the current color schemes... take a print-screen capture of the window and see how it looks before posting it.

The logo will be left justified in the same way the current logo is.

Not sure what the winner gets, will figure it out.
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Someone needs to work a goat-see, wolf shirt, mtb, and pickup truck into the jeepsunlimited.com/rejected one. Extra points if you get an animated yellowdog pissing on jabbadude.