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Windows 7 EOL - 1/14/20


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IMO, Windows 7 is going to be just like Windows XP where people just refuse to change because, while not awful, Windows 10 isn't great due to a number of really annoying aspects like forced updates and high minimum system requirements. Many lower end brand new computers can barely run Windows 10 and are barely usable for basic tasks where the same hardware with Windows 7 performs well.


They still patch severe exploits in XP. #FakeNews.
Only the absolute worst, and I'd never plan to stake my business on them patching something.

Win7 EOL is causing us consternation because we have a bunch of wide format plotters that run, you guessed it, Windows 7. We haven't gotten a straight answer from the manufacturer whether they'll be supporting those devices or not. If not, I have to have them off the network by Jan 14. The only way to connect to them is via network.

I've also gotten multiple answers about whether Win 7 embedded is EOL on the same date, these are embedded. If I had a spare machine, I'd investigate upgrading them to Win 10 to see what happens. But alas, I can't do that to a production machine.