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Working Star Trek Communicator (Bluetooth)


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The Original Series Star Trek Communicator
Bluetooth enabled prop replica collectible
This Communicator has been developed to give its owner the maximum level of enjoyment; designed using extremely accurate 3D scans of one of the last remaining communicator hero props from the 1960s Original Series television show, dedicated attention to detail, the use of authentic materials, textures and finishes and the tireless support and extraordinarily deep knowledge of HeroComm so generously given to us, has resulted in a fully functioning, display grade product that is highly faithful to the original prop.

The Communicator is robust enough to be used in play and cosplay. With its authentic sound effects and original voice clips, the Communicator provides plenty of opportunity for in-universe interaction and fun, and of course its Bluetooth functionality enables it to be used exactly as it was always intended – as a person-to-person communications device.