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Do you buy a Kindle book when Paperback is cheaper?


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They've got warehouses all over the country full of excess hard copy books. The office space my wife used to rent was part of a huge warehouse where the owner would buy excess books for pennies per pound and then do order fulfillment on Amazon. This place was probably 50,000ft2 of nothing but books shelved floor to ceiling, and his only employees were college kids who'd come in for 3-4 hours a night to pull orders and box them for shipment. The majority of his shipments were just here in north Texas, and there were guys like him in almost every metropolitan area doing the same thing.

That book you bought for $5.70 probably cost him 10-15 cents and another buck or two for shipping with his volume discounts.


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I almost always rent from the library. Unless it's something obscure. I bought a kindle that I've used twice in 3-4 years.


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I cruise through probably 4k pages per month on my Kindle Paperwhite. I do a LOT of flying these days though, so it doesn't take much.


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DC has a great stretch of old bookstores running up Connecticut ave. I just hit those. Maybe ten shops on a few miles of main road.


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I use the kindle app by preference now as it's easier to use the phone I carry than to lump around a paperback book. Unless it's a preferred author I just buy the books when they are 99p so it is cheaper than buying paperbacks
Also, with my eyes these days, it's a lot asier to read a kindle book when I can re-size the fonts whereas a book would need a magnifier