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The VIP Lounge and The Board Room

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There is confusion over these separate subforums of Joe's Ultimate Off Topic.

The VIP Lounge is a private forum for long time users of JUOT... In general these users have posted significantly in OT, have posted pictures, introduced themselves, and possibly even met other OT posters. Topics in the VIP Lounge are not indexed by search engines and are otherwise private. From time to time threads may be moved between OT and VIP as needed. If you have been a regular user post or PM an admin requesting access.

The Board Room is a private forum open to those who have financially contributed to the forum. This is not a very active forum but some issues are discussed. Contact an admin for suggestions on how and how much to donate. Premium members enjoy benefits such as increased PM and attachment abilities. There are no refunds if you break the rules and get banned.
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