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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - looks good, haven't seen it yet.
Camelot - looks ok so far - will need to see how it plays out.
The Borgias - Looked good in previews, so far it has been a bit slow and boring.

Loved The Tudors and Rome, the two Spartacus shows have been really good. I have high hopes for these three, but so far the Borgias has been the biggest disappointment.


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The reason I mentioned that about the Starks is because of something that happens in book 3. Made me so angry I threw the book across the room and quit reading it for a month. No characters are sacred... all can and probably will die... except for the ones you want to.


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Watched the final show last night. Great show. Reading the books now, the TV show is close to the book so far.

Can't wait for next season, looks like it is going to get better.
HBO Now, or add HBO to some other streaming service (you probably have Amazon Prime, including prime video, already). The real question is why you are a Dish customer at all. This is the age of cord cutters, streaming services is where it's at.

edit: Unless you are out of town and your internet speed is REALLY horrible, then I guess Dish would make sense.


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They're in a battle with Dish and neither will budge. It's unclear who decided to stop access to subscribers, but Dish doesn't have HBO anymore.
Yeah it’s been months. F***ing sucks balls